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Tax deduction

Under the laws of Japan, income tax deduction is applicable to charitable contributions to non-profit organizations certified by the relevant authorities. Oxfam Japan was certified by the National Tax Agency on 16 June 2011 and its certification is valid for five years until 15 June 2016. With an intention to secure uninterrupted certification, we submitted our application for a new certification to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, following the new rules and procedures.

However, We have been informed by a representative of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government that they reviewed our application and found Oxfam Japan unqualified for certification. According to the representative, the cause for disqualification is an infringement of the Articles of Incorporation. Oxfam Japan's Articles of Incorporation included, in the list of its activities, "humanitarian assistance for those affected by natural disasters and conflicts in developing countries". Since 2011, Oxfam Japan has implemented several projects to support the people and communities affected by the Great Eastern Earthquake and Tsunami. According to the representative, Tohoku region where these projects were implemented cannot be considered a developing country, and therefore implementation of the projects in Tohoku are considered infringement of the Articles of Incorporation, disqualifying Oxfam Japan for the certification. Prior to submitting the current application for certification, Oxfam Japan initiated the process of revising its Articles of Incorporation to remove the geographical limitation for its activities.

Oxfam Japan has tried to pursue negotiations with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, but has so far been unsuccessful. Therefore, Oxfam Japan will be a certified non-profit organization only until the expiry date of the present certification. As a result, tax deduction will not be applicable to donations received by Oxfam Japan on or after 16 June 2016.

We apologize deeply to the supporters of Oxfam Japan for the inconveniences caused. We will make every effort to renew the certification as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your kind understanding as well as continued support and cooperation.

Kaori Kuroda
Board Chair, Oxfam Japan

Tax deductions and Receipts

Japanese tax payer's donation to Oxfam Japan, if received by Oxfam Japan on or before 15 June 2016, is tax deductible. All receipts of donations made in the previous year will be sent to you by post in the following January.

*The date on your receipts will be the date your credit card is charged.(At the end of next month afrer being used.)
*For companies/organisations, Oxfam Japan will issue the receipts according to your financial year end. Please inform us of the detail.