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What You Can Do

Oxfam Japan and you

Oxfam Japan is still growing, so we really need the help of volunteers and supporters in Japan to help us raise local awareness about the vital work Oxfam does around the world. You can be involved in many ways.

Volunteering Opportunities


Take part in the Photo Exhibit Relay!


Join together across Japan. Oxfam Photo Exhibit Relay.

The Oxfam Photo Exhibit Relay is a participatory traveling photo exhibition through which you can learn about conditions in developing countries while expanding international cooperation. All you need is a desire to make change and a display for the photos. Plan a Photo Exhibit. Then pass the Exhibit onto someone else.
Wouldn’t you like to take part too?
More information: click here.

Join our events

Oxfam Japan operates Oxfam Trailwalker Japan and participates in different events such as the Global Festa and the Yokohama International Festa to raise people's awareness of the issues and support for our campaigns. We also organize events anyone can join in which you can get to know more about Oxfam and meet some of our staff and volunteers, all while having fun and making new friends. We look forward to seeing you!


Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenging endurance fundraising event in which teams of 4 complete 100km trail through bush terrain in 48hours. Find out more

Pub Quiz Night

Every Month, Oxfam supporters Paul from Heaven's Door in Shimokitazawa and Anna and Yuji from Footnik at Ebisu co-organize monthly pub quiz with IVG where participants enjoy a nice evening challenging their brains about variety of topics while drinking, laughing and meeting new people.
The entrance fee of 1000 yen per person goes to support Oxfam activities around the world.

English Workshop

IVG organizes English workshops twice a month to raise awareness and learn together about global issues, Oxfam activities around the globe and how each of us can make a change. Both volunteer instructors and participants not only have fun in the workshops but also support Oxfam in a meaningful way.
Although the workshop is open for everyone, non-native English speakers can use this chance to practice English skills in a fun and interesting way as well.
All workshop fees goes to support Oxfam and help people around the world.

Donate / Fundraising

Oxfam depends on the support of thousands of people around the world.

Donate Now

Giving Oxfam a one-off or a monthly donation, however small, will really help Oxfam to make a difference to many people around the world. This can be done through Oxfam Japan's office, or securely online.


Anyone can organize an event to support Oxfam’s activities and raise awareness of the issues. See our Fundraising Guide for information on organizing an event at your school, local government office, community group or anywhere else highlighting an aspect of Oxfam's work and where you can also ask for support or donations. Contact Oxfam Japan for support and advice if you have a good idea for an event.

Community Fundraising

Fundraise for us!
What is Community Fundraising? Fundraising for Oxfam Japan is a great way to support our work around the world and have fun while you’re doing it. By partnering with us, you can join work alongside us to tackle poverty around the world and ensure that vulnerable populations have a voice.
All donations collected from Community Fundraising events go to Oxfam Japan and will support poverty and emergency relief projects around the world.
What can you do? Plan an event for your group, office, or family and friends! You have the flexibility to make the event your own, and the resources and support to make it a success.
Examples of Community Fundraising events you can host include:
Oxfam Japan Hunger Banquet
…and lots more! Community Fundraising is a partnership between you and Oxfam Japan. We can’t challenge poverty without you!
Let us help you! Contact us for more information about resources, ideas and tips for planning your event. We can also provide photos, stickers and other materials about poverty and emergency relief.

Donation tin

Do you think your local pub or shop would have space for an Oxfam collection tin? Small change quickly adds up and can make a big difference. Email us and ask for a collection tin - we'll post one out to you, and can collect it when it fills up.

Become a Monthly Supporter

What is a monthly supporter?
It is a program through which you can donate automatically every month or every 3 months the amount of your choosing directly from your bank account or credit card. The minimum amount per month is \1000.

A regular donation is the best way to support Oxfam’s work for a more fair and equalitarian world. It provides us with reliable income we can count on which allows us to plan in advance and budget more effectively. That way, people facing poverty in developing countries have a real opportunity to build up their own future, and we can work to change the global system that keeps creating poverty and injustice.

We send a Newsletter four times a year to our Monthly Supporters, reporting how the money is being used.

To become a monthly supporter you just need to fill the application form (in Japanese) and send it Oxfam's office (7F Creative One Akihabara 5-3-4 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo 100-0015) by mail.

Send a gift with Oxfam Unwrapped

Oxfam Unwrapped is an alternative online giving campaign that gives you an easy and effective way to do your holiday shopping from home. Choosing gifts for some people can be quite an ordeal – that's why we've developed Oxfam Unwrapped. It's a unique collection of gift ideas that help you give something special to your friends or family and give something extra special to people who haven't got much at all.

Unwrapping the whole process

The Oxfam Unwrapped catalogues only contain items that people around the world have shown they need to improve their lives - our programs include emergency relief, farming, health, education, small business and advocacy. When you buy a gift from Oxfam Unwrapped your donation will help support our work in these areas, ensuring your donation has an impact on the lives of people living in poverty.

For other countries’ Oxfam Unwrapped go here.

Support our Campaigns

Support our campaigns! You can show that you agree with our goals by signing the Health and Education For All Pledge, by signing the Control Arms - Million Faces petition, or by becoming part of the Global Call for Action Against Poverty by writing a message for the White Band Gallery.

Have a look at some of our websites, e.g. the Oxfam International website and learn more about what Oxfam really does. Pass the message around!

Receive Oxfam Japan's Newsletter

Sign up for Oxfam Japan's English Newsletter! We will keep you up to date with our latest developments and events around the country. You can sign up by sending an email with "subscribe" in the subject.

For Teachers

Oxfam has many resources that can be used by English teachers in the classroom. These give students a chance to learn about global citizenship issues while improving their English. It also provides added variety for students and teachers to make learning both fun and active.

Global Citizenship is about understanding the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and having the desire and ability to do so.

Oxfam Schools' Workshop

Oxfam Japan is looking forward to expand its Educational Workshop on Global Citizenship with the international school circuit here in Tokyo. For more information about the Global Citizenship Workshop, how to participate or how to get involved, please contact us.

Oxfam Education Resources for Teachers

Oxfam UK has developed the Oxfam Education Website as a resource for teachers wishing to incorporate issues of global importance into their lesson plans. Although these resources were designed for teachers in the United Kingdom, most of them can be easily adapted for use in Japan.

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