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30th November: 【IVG event】 Awareness Workshop-"The story behind the Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution"

Oxfam Japan International Volunteer Group (IVG) will hold IVG Awareness Workshop at 14:00-16:00, 30th November. To those who are studying English or would like to discuss about the Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution, please come and join us!

■Topic- The story behind the Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution"
Hong Kong, the 3rd largest world's financial center, has exploded into protest. The current prodemocracy protests in Hong Kong came in response to an August decision by the Beijing government to limit voters' choices in future elections for the autonomous territory's chief executive. Hong Kong students have been using umbrellas to protect themselves from police tear gas. The umbrellas became a symbol of the movement and gave it its nickname, the Umbrella Revolution.

Why the umbrellas?
Who are the main players?
And what do Hong Kong's pro-democracy protesters want?

Let's find out what's behind the Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution.

Date: Sunday, 30th November
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Participation Fee: 500 yen (Special discount price)
* all proceeds goes to Oxfam
Venue: Oxfam Japan Office http://oxfam.jp/contact_e/
Reservation: Please press "Join" button on IVG Facebook

*This English workshop is organized by Oxfam Japan International Volunteer Group (IVG).Please note that the views expressed by volunteer facilitators in workshops represent their own opinion and not necessarily those of Oxfam Japan.