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19 July: 【IVG event】 Sea-to-Summit

International Volunteer group (IVG) which works together to support Oxfam Japan will hold a fundraising event " Sea-to-Summit" on Saturday 19th July.


What is Sea to Summit?

This is our fifth annual charity challenge offering you the chance to climb one of world's most famous mountains from the sea to the summit of Mount Fuji in under 24 hours. This is a pilgrimage giving you an opportunity to truly test yourself amidst extreme heat and steep ascents. This is a symbolic journey full of highs and lows, one which will test your strength, stamina, and character. If you are also a thrill-seeking adventurer come and join us on our crazy pilgrimage to the top the world.

*This endurance event is only for the fittest. If you have what it takes come and join us for the challenge of your life!*

■Date: Saturday, 19th July 2014
■Where: Tagonoura beach (0m) - summit of Mount Fuji (3776m)
■Meeting time: 05:50
■Meeting point: JR Higashi-Tagonoura Station, Shizuoka
■Starting time: 06:30
■Website: www.sea-to-summit.org
■Participation fee: *4,000JPY (per person)
*3,000JPY of your money will go directly to Oxfam Japan (http://www.oxfam.jp/en/)
*1,000JPY will go towards van rental and insurance.
■Registration: Please fill in the registration form onSea-to-Summitwebsite.
* Only 20 places are left. Hurry up to register!

Obvious requirements:
This is not going to be a walk in the park. You need to be fit and ready for this. Plenty of training required before this event.

Yes this will be difficult, and yes we expect it to take us around 22 hours. But this pilgrimage will also be symbolic.

*Ceremony at the beach
*Collecting sea water and carrying it up to the summit.
*Pouring the sea water at the very top

How will we attempt to climb from the sea?

We owe a big thank you to Christian Parkes who has many times attempted and succeeded this majestic climb. He very kindly mapped out the route.

You can see the route here: -

Sea-to-Summit website(http://www.sea-to-summit.org/