Oxfam is a world-wide development organization
that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.

Donate Your Goods for Oxfam Shop!

Please support our brand-new Oxfam Shops by donating your items. Any unwanted gifts or bric-a-brac at home could help people in need. All profit made in our shops will be used efficiently by Oxfam to help those in poverty or suffering around the world.

We can only accept certain items so please read our "Guidelines for Donating Goods" before you donate anything.

Guidelines for Donating Goods


We accept donated goods at: ・Oxfam Shop Kichijouji Shop front counter (10am-9pm open hours only) ・Oxfam Japan office (between 10am and 5pm Mon-Fri appointment only) 7F Creative One Akihabara 5-3-4 Ueno Taito-ku Tokyo

What items?







- Kitchen items (within 25cm approx)
Dishes, glasses, kitchen accessories (chopsticks, spoon, fork etc.), cookware (pots, pans, cutting board etc)
Please ensure there are no damage/cracks/stains/marks (except antiques)
Donations of individual items is fine (it does not have to be a set)
Kitchen accessories, pans, and cookware must be unused.

* Please note that the following cannot be accepted:
Plastic items, prize/individualised gifts (e.g. goods with an individual's name/photo/logo)

Rings, necklaces, bracelets etc
* Please ensure they are not broken or damaged.

-Household items
Cotton blankets, towels, handkerchiefs, hand towels (unused items only)
* Please note that the following cannot be accepted:
Souvenirs and commemorative gifts or goods with an individual's name/photo/logo

-Interior accessories (within 25cm approx)
Vases, ornaments, clocks (in working order), mirrors, tablecloths etc
Please ensure there are no damage/cracks/stains
* Please note that the following cannot be accepted:
Plastic items, prize/individualised gift (e.g. goods with an individual's name/photo/logo)

Toy blocks, puzzles, toy cars, dolls, doll houses etc
Toys for babies must be unused.
* Please note the following cannot be accepted:
Toys with heavy damage or stains, card games, board games, stuffed toys

-Kimono, obi, haori overalls
Unstitched fabrics of these items can also be accepted.
Only items of natural fabrics in silk, linen, cotton, wool can be accepted (no synthetic materials).
* Please ensure they are in good condition and washed.

-Children books (non-Japanese only)
Please make sure they are not damaged or stained.

・Other goods which cannot be accepted are:
Clothing, bags, food or drink, large furniture, sport goods, musical instruments, video games, electronic products, books (except children books from outside Japan), CD/DVDs


- Oxfam shops are not licensed antique or recycling centres. We cannot offer you any cash for your donated items. We regard all goods as a donation to Oxfam Japan.
- We sell donated items at reasonable, affordable prices to our customers. However, if for any reason donated items cannot be sold (e.g. due to severe damage), we reserve the right to use the goods for a purpose other than selling. Therefore, please read the guidelines carefully to avoid any disappointment when donating your goods.
- Please contact Oxfam Japan Tel. 03 3834 1556 if you are uncertain about your donation.
- Please also contact us in advance if you have a large amount of goods to donate or a large item for donation as we have limited storage space.