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In March 2011 the demonstrations that took place in the major cities in Syria escalated and the protesters clashed with the Syrian government and security forces. Armed conflict between dissidents and security forces developed into the Syria crisis.

One in two persons in Syria is in need of help
Since March of 2011, the intensification of the conflict between the Syrian government and dissidents has escalated and it is expected to continue to increase. As of December of 2014, more than 12.2 million people are in need of support and 6.4 million people among them are internally displaced people. Moreover, the activities of ISIS and the U.S.-led coalition campaign to defeat them are stopping humanitarian organizations from delivering much needed help to 3.5 to 4.7 million people in the country. Due to the bad living condition, many people are suffering from poor health and facing the chance of death. A peaceful solution seems unlikely at this point.

Syria crisis is expanding

12.2 million
12.2 million people are in need in Syria, and more than 6.4 million people among them are being internally displaced. 3 million people fled to neighboring countries as refugees.

200,000 deaths
The Syria crisis has caused 200,000 deaths. Most of them are civilians, including women and children. 680,000 people have been injured.

What Oxfam is doing

 Water Supply

Installation of Oxfam water tanks to provide safe water Training to Syrian engineers for installation of those tanks. Reparation damaged water supply network for people who live in heavily conflict-affected areas


Provision of vouchers and cash assistances to purchase sanitation goods Installation of latrines, shower rooms, and laundry blocks Hygiene training to prevent the spread of disease among refugees Distributing water filters to ensure people have safe to drink
 Food Assistance

Provision of vouchers and cash assistances for people purchasing sanitation foods

 Essential Items

Distribution of thermal blanket in winter for people who did not bring enough household goods Provision of cash assistance for refugees who are facing the soaring rent costs

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