Oxfam is a world-wide development organization
that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.


Advocacy & Campaigning

Even though enormous wealth is created in the world, millions and millions of people are still without sufficient food or safe water, many people do not have the opportunity to get cured when they are sick and are not able to send their children to school. Oxfam thinks such a situation is unfair and should be changed.

The inequitable situation in the world can not be solved by pity alone. Around the world, in developing as well developed countries, people are standing up sharing the idea that something must be done to tackle poverty. Oxfam not only works in communities that suffer from poverty, but also creates momentum for change by raising awareness all over the globe. Oxfam does this through advocacy and campaigning.



Oxfam has learned from extensive experience that, in order to establish change, it is important to raise voices aimed at all levels of society. Such groups of people vary from grassroots and civil society level, to policy makers and the big multilateral organisations.

In an increasingly globalised society it is important to acknowledge that international treaties and multinational organisations become more and more influential. International and domestic factors get more entangled, which complicates the mechanism creating poverty. Oxfam uses its experience accumulated through the years to practice "advocacy": to influence policy makers domestically as well as internationally.


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Oxfam thinks it's important that people all over the world are aware of unfair situations concerning poverty. If people know what is going on, we can all exert our power by using our vote, changing our consumption pattern, etc. That way we can change the world. "Campaigning" concerns the multitude of activities employed to inform and motivate the general public.

Working with a global team of campaigners and allied organisations, Oxfam is striving for positive change for the poor. Oxfam campaigns for policy and practice change on fair trade, conflict and humanitarian response, climate change, and on issues such as debt relief, the global arms trade, poverty reduction and universal basic education.

Links to some of our campaigns can be found in the section on "Issues".

Oxfam has campaigned all over the world. The power and voice of civil society from developing countries has been increasing recently. Big changes can be made if people all over the world join their forces. Will you participate in one of Oxfam's campaigns?