Oxfam is a world-wide development organization
that mobilizes the power of people against poverty.

International Volunteer Group (IVG)


The IVG is a group of volunteers who work together to support Oxfam Japan in their mission to find solutions to global poverty and injustice. The IVG aims to create awareness within Japan about the issues that Oxfam deals with, and raises funds to support Oxfam's work. We are an entirely volunteer-run group of people from all over the world with a desire to make a difference!

Monthly Pub Quizzes at The Footnik

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The pub quizzes happen once a month at the Footnik in Ebisu at 8pm, the third Tuesday of every month. There are 50 questions and 4 shot rounds that come with a snack. . There are many question categories. A Maximum of 5 people per team are allowed. Individuals & small-teams are always welcome. It's 1000 yen entry fee with all proceeds going to Oxfam Japan. To date the quizzes have raised ¥1,792,000.
For more information, please visit our IVG Facebook page.

Tokyo Yamathon


The Yamathon is an urban challenge where teams of three or four people compete to walk or run through all 29 stations of the Yamanote line, Tokyo's busiest and most important commuter rail lines which circles the capital. Since it began in 2010, The Yamathon has attracted hundreds of participants to challenge themselves, offering a unique way to explore Tokyo's most celebrated sights, off-the-beaten track areas while making new friends along the way and raising funds for Oxfam's efforts to reduce poverty and injustice around the world.
For more information please visit our Tokyo Yamathon website.



Sea to Summit is IVG's premier endurance challenge. Participants experience walking from the shores of Tagonoura beach in Shizuoka, where we each collect a bottle of water from the sea, and then walk 47 km while gaining 3,776 meters in altitude over 24 hours to reach the summit of Mt. Fuji by dawn the following morning. At the top we pour out our water and let it return to sea. On the way you watch scenery change from tropical and coastal to cool and alpine, while catching glimpses of Fuji through the clouds as you make new friends along path, and raise funds for Oxfam's relief efforts around the globe.
For more information, please visit our Sea to Summit website.

Get Involved

Are you looking for a chance to give back and make a difference to the lives of others?
Are you looking for ways to exercise your creativeness and gain leadership experience?
Are you looking meet new people while changing the world one event at a time?

The IVG is always looking for great people to join our team to expand our initiatives. If you are interested in learning more please contact Jennifer Markham (oxfamjp.ivg.coordinator@gmail.com) and Joe Pournovin (oxfamjp.ivg.events@gmail.com)
Board Members
Jennifer Markham - IVG President - oxfamjp.ivg.coordinator@gmail.com
Clint Richards - IVG Vice President - oxfamjp.ivg.vp@gmail.com
Joe Pournovin - Events Director - oxfamjp.ivg.events@gmail.com
Koji Oishi - Head of Operations - oxfamjp.ivg.operations@gmail.com
Kazumi Nono - Head of Strategy - oxfamjp.ivg.strategy@gmail.com
Junichi Kawai - Awareness Coordinator - oxfamjp.ivg.awareness@gmail.com
Sandra Yépez Ríos - Graphic Designer - oxfamjp.ivg.design@gmail.com
Jia Min Ee - Promotions Coordinator - oxfamjp.ivg.promotions@gmail.com

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